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I've recently encountered an issue with my HD66 and thus far no searching has given me a conclusive answer. One day, without warning, it started showing the LED's saying that it needed a new lamp. I have ordered a new one, but when I installed it all the projector did was show a green LED for a second, then the green LED starts flashing with a period of about 1.5s. Also, while it shows green there is a very slight very high pitch whine (it sounds just like capacitors or a transformer, imagine the sound of a disposable camera flash charging) and then when the LED turns off there is no noise.

I've called Optoma customer service and they said it will be around $100 for the service, plus parts and shipping (and since I live in Canada shipping is off the wall expensive). As a broke student it would be much preferred to avoid this, so is there any thing I can do to try to fix this without spending $150?

Also, I've already checked it for blown capacitor and there is no apparent ones.


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