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Is it too much to ask to get the following in a TV?

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Can't find the "perfect" TV for my needs:

42-50 inches

Split screen: HDTV on one side PC on the other

Bright Screen for use in a sunny location

CableCard ready

Good SD without scaler

Great HD (Panny/Pio/Fuji quality)

No legacy issues (stuck pixels, bald spots, lines, bad darks, etc)


Mostly sports, network HD and "all other" SD

Games on occasion


Up to 6k all in (tax, shipping, etc)


Burn in on Plasma/Artifacts for fast movement (sports) on LCD

Willing to wait 30-60 days if something is coming out shortly, but don't want to wait forever.

Does anyone have any advice?

Somebody talk me off the ledge :)!
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Sounds like one of the soon to be released Panasonic consumer ED models is what you need. The only thing is....I don't know of any panel that is going to give you split screen HD/PC.
The 42 " ED Fujitsu might be what you would like, except for the split screen.
For $6K you can afford two 42" plasma displays - one for TV and one for the PC - just set them side by side (or over/under) and enjoy.
I'll repeat my rant about Cablecard. I'd scratch Cablecard off the list. Cablecard is a pointless addition to a TV, unless you like pretending dual tuner DVRs do not exist. Me, I'm hoping for a Cablecard HD Tivo. That would be a good use for Cablecard.

Also, on my mom's Hitachi, if you use cable card, you lose the ability to view programs OTA (because it disables the second antenna input).
I know nothing more about this than that they exist, but there is a Sony DVR with CableCard

Not a Tivo, but otherwise exactly what I'm talking about. With cablecard there's no need to have to accept the DVR that your cable company happened to buy cheap.
That Sony cable card DVR isn't released yet - not till late this year I heard.
Yeah, I kinda found that the split screen for HD/PC would be the downfall.

Not sure why nobody is doing this as it seems to be the logical extension for a variety of uses:

Masters HD/Stats on PGA.com

NASCAR HD/ Stats on NASCAR.com

NFL HD/ESPN Gametracker

Might even be a way to keep up with vegas lines while watching various events :)

Maybe the two plasmas side by side is my best bet!

Thanks for the input
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I don't know of any panel that is going to give you split screen HD/PC.
Er, my Panny 6UY does that. I use it all the time when I'm dumping shows from my Comcast HD box to my PC via firewire. I'll place them side by side so I can see the Comcast box and hit the Record button at the right time. Side by side images is one of the PIP modes, and PIP works with any inputs, including HD and HD, or HD and PC.

Why are you worried about burn in? Are you going to be running static images 24/7 or using it as a "full time" PC? Occasional PC use won't harm it a bit. Even the current 60,000 hour generation of plasmas (particularly in conjuntion with the orbiting fetaure) is very resistant to burn in.
Thanks DJ,

Looks like the best option for me is to wait for the TH-50PX500U.

It will be hard for me to wait until June, but this model seems to have everything I want.

Hopefully SD will be decent and there aren't any issues with mfg in MX (still smarting from the HR10-250 issues).
Seems to me the Pioneers will do everything you're looking for.
For $6,000 I think the Sharp 45" LCD would work correct me if I am wrong here. It has cable card, does 1080i, and i am not totally sure but I believe it does split screen viewing. I think the Sharp 45 is one of the nicest LCDs Ive seen. You can find it on-line for under 6K barely and you can get it from Costco for more the 6K but you get the great return policy.

I do split screen with my Syntax 30" it is a really nice feature.
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