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I have an Onkyo Integra DTR 5.1 that has done nothing but good for me for the last 12 years (I couldnt justify upgrading just for HDMI ports I wanted, but pulled the trigger during an Amazon blowout on a Denon 3312ci last week). Part of my justification for getting the Denon was that the Integra had been showing signs of its age, but Im wondering if its worth having someone look at it as it would be a great 2nd receiver for anything.

Issue is when you goto turn up the volume it sometimes stops showing the power going up unless you turn the knob very very slowly, and it seems to have dropped off in power delivery even when you do get the power up in the range where it used to be its sweet spot.

Im assuming its just age and I prob should just use it till it completely drops, but it I could breath new life into cheaply, well that is the way I would love to go.....

What do you think?
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