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Is my Home Theater Set Up Right???

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Hello all,

I have had my speakers/sub./t.v all in this same set up for the past two years and I am now questioning if I have things in the best place. I am limited to leaving every thing down on this end of the room being the wife wants the seating around the fireplace. Do I have the speakers in the best place and most importantly do I have the sub. in the right corner or should it be elsewhere? I look forward to seeing your comments. Thanks very much.
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Looks fine to me A-Rone......can the center speaker be placed under the TV?
The center can only be above the t.v. being I have a two year old that likes to touch everything. Any suggestions on the sub. or is it placed right?
I believe that the sub is in the correct position considering the room layout IMO.... others might disagree....It is truly a matter of personal preference on how it sounds to you.....
The only way to know for sure if you've got the sub in the right place is to try it in a variety of places and leave it where it sounds best. This is highly dependent on your room's characteristics and is pretty much impossible to say without trying it. Having said that, I moved my sub all over the place when deciding on the best placement and, to be honest, there was hardly any difference from one spot to the next. I ultimately decided to put the sub in the most visually unobtrusive spot which, in my room, is in the rear left corner. The bottom line is, if you're happy with your set-up as it is, leave it. Unless you feel there is a problem with where your sub is, I wouldn't go to the trouble of moving it.

You'd do better if the couch wasn't against the wall. Any chance you could trade spots with the playspace, and have your display on the wall opposite the fireplace (e.g. rotate 90 degrees clockwise)?

Then your couch would no longer be against the wall, as the playspace would be behind it.
Have you calibrated your speakers using an SPL meter? How do you have your crossover and speakers settings in the AVR setup menu?
Everything has to stay on the end where the fireplace is. My wife wants everything down by the fireplace. I have things crossed over @ 80Hz using an SPL meter.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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