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Is my PLasma broken?

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I'm having a PQ problem on my plasma and I would be really grateful if someone could help me figure out what to do! The problem is I have a subtle (say 15% opaque) double image. I can't really explain it, so I took a photo and attached it -- the arrow point to the "halo."

My set up is:

Pioneer 503 CMX

Panasonic XP50 DVD player (normally connected to input2 via component)

Onkyo Receiver

Zenith HD tuner (connected to input1 via RGB)

Sanyo VHS (only occasionally connected via composite)

I can't figure out what could have caused this, but a while back I used the VCR for the first time and once the mother-in-law left a static image on the thing for about 45 min (temporary-thank God-burn in.) I can't imagine either of these incidents has anything to do with the double image problem.

Is there any setting that could have been messed up that could cause this or should I call the warranty guys?

Thanks in advance for any help!

driver8z (Mark)
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Do you get this on all signals/inputs?

I'd be looking at cables, connections, electrical interference from power cables running along inout cables.

I agree - looks like a cable shielding problem to me.
Correct. I forgot to mention that it happens regardless if I use component video,or S-video to watch a DVD and it also happens with OTA HDTV. I'm not sure if it happens with regular TV, but I assume it does. I'm using high quality cables, but I'll play around with that.

Any other ideas?


A cheap alternative would be to get some ferrite cores (~$4.00 each) from Rat Shack, put one on each end of the cable....see what it does. Actually, put them on all your cables power as well. If nothing then return and try something else.

It almost looks like edge enhancement (what's your "sharpness" set at). Hey just throwing ideas out there.
Ohhhhh, the old mother-in-law ploy!!!!:eek:

If the prervious suggestions don't work, you may want to try just hooking up your DVD player sans everything else, and then try connecting each new piece of equipment to see where the interference is comming from, if interference is indeed the problem.

Like rmcgirr83 said...Hey, just throwing ideas out there.

Best, VB
What input card is in your 503? Maybe you can try-reseating the blade?

Do the on-screen control menus display a similar ghosting effect? If so, then I'd have the panel looked at.

That seems pretty severe for a cabling issue and the fact that you are getting it on all inputs seems a bit suspicious that it may be in the set's processing electronics or the particular input blade.
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