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Is my RTV dying? Is it saveable?

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The past week or so my RTV 5060 has been going non-responsive. When I hit any button on the remote it doesn't do anything, except for the power button. When I hit power the screen goes black (no I'm not hitting the TV power button), but the blue light stays on. Then I hit the power button again and the current show comes back on. But I can't change channels, look at the guide, or anything else.

I know it's not the batteries in the remote since the volume still works on the tv, and when the RTV is responsive the remote works fine.

When I reboot the RTV using the button on the front of the unit it works fine after it's finished its reboot sequence. And all my shows are still there. I haven't tried the "unplug everything" reboot yet. That's probably my next course of action.

It's been doing this about once a day but getting more frequent. I'm on the third time today and it's getting very annoying.

What is very strange is that it still seems to be functioning in the background on some level when all this happens. I say this because when it happened today I happened to be recording MythBusters. And this time the red and blue lights stayed on. When I rebooted I had 2 hours and 57 minutes of that MythBusters episode!

Has anyone had a similar problem? I don't recall anyone posting anything like this. Is it possibly (hopefully!) just the hard drive dying and swapping it out for a newer (bigger!) one will solve all my woes?
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Yes.... You are right on track.

Try the unplug everything, then, after that doesn't work ('cause it doesn't sound like it will), start hunting around for a cheap big drive!
at best these stories usually end up in 8 382-zones situation.

the next best, or better, situation is you may now have an excuse to put a 250gig in. :)
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