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Is my tv broke? please help? hitachi 62sdx01b

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I am scared to death that my Hitachi 61sdx01b is broken in some way.

My problem is, that I can not tell the slighest bit of difference when puting a dvd into progressive scan or not. I have sat in front of it for 45 mins at a time trying to find the slighest bit of noticable differnce between progressive and non progressive.

When I first got the TV a couple years ago, I thought I could easily tell a night a day differnce. I was using one of the first DVD players with progressive scan, a pioneer 43 something.

Over the last few years I have changed DVD players a few times and now have a Denon dvd-1600 and now I just cant tell the slightest bit of difference in progressive and non progressive.

The reason I am worried about it is that I am thinking of getting a HDTV directv reciever soon, but dont want to spend the money on it if my TV is somehow busted and wont play in 720p and 1080i.

1. Is it maybe possible that my tv is broken, or does this type of thing just not happen?

2. Is there some way or some sort of test I can do to just verify that it is working or not.

3. If it is broken, is it something that a service center might be able to fix?

4. If it is fixable, is it typically an expenvise thing to do if the TV is no longer under warranty?

I would really be very greatful if anyone can help me out, or point me to another source of info about this type of problem.
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It is probably not broken, perhaps just a user error.

First, I assume that you are using component video connections in order to transmit the 480P signals as that is the only way to do so. If you are using composite (yellow) or s-video, then you will only be able to send 480i.

Second, when you switch over to progressive, is there any sort of notification on screen that says it is seeing a different scan rate, or even a glitch of static for a moment?

Third, does the DVD player say that it is in progressive mode by some sort of an indicator light on the face plate, or via an on screen menu?

I don't recall the layout of your particular player so hopefully someone with that unit can help out here. But basically, there are several ways to switch to progressive. Some sets require you to switch via an on screen menu, others have a button on the front panel and/or the remote control, while others still require you to flip a switch on the back panel.

Finally, if you know it is in Progressive but it just doesn't look any better, well that is happening more and more lately because many of these TV's have just as good or better deinterlacers built in to their own processing board. Case in point, what will have a better deinterlacer, a $39 dollar DVD player from the grocery store or a $2K-4k HDTV? In a lot of cases it will be the TV, though not always, which is why I will often times check both.
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Most people can't tell a difference between interlaced and progressive inputs on Hitachi (they scale everything to 540p or 1080i). In fact, on your model set the scaling was not great (they improved greatly with the 20b models).

The only real improvement you can achieve is by using a scaling DVD player like the Zenith 318 or Denon 5900 or x910 series.
@Seths: Yeah I am using component cables from my dvd to my reciever, and then component from my reciever to the back of my tv. There is a button on the front of the DVD player for progressive mode, and when it is in progressive mode the light is on. When I swap between the 2 modes, the picture blanks out for a couple seconds and then comes back on. However the picture does look identical, and when I say that, I mean identical. I have hurt my eyes before, trying to examine the tiny little details looking for SOME indication that the tv is capable of displaying something in progressive scan.

However like you guys said, maybe its just the TV deinterlacer and I am not going to be able to tell a difference.

I can accept that, but will I notice a difference if I hook up HDTV or would that be a pointless investment with this tv?
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