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Ok, so I was just bored sitting here on my computer (which my Vizio is hooked up to) and I decided to mess around with my display settings in my Nvidia control panel. I marked it so I could display it what are, "unsupported resolutions and refresh rates" or something along that line. I then went to my refresh rate setting and changed it to 120Hz and it worked (it wasn't shown before I did this). When I hit display info/guide on my TV remote it says it's displaying at 1280x720 @ 121Hz (I don't understand why it says 121 instead of 120, but oh well). Also, I don't believe Vizio said this monitor supports 120, just 60-75Hz, I have no idea.

But the reason why I ask this, is because I would really like to pick up those Nvidia Geforce 3D glasses, I would love to use those for movies and gaming every once in a while. But I don't want to buy them if this monitor is just saying it's a 120Hz, but it really isn't.

Maybe you guys might know? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Edit, you would think it would work since Plasmas generally have much faster refresh rates than LCDs, yea?
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