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Is NEC 6pg+ Liquid Cooled?

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According to the service manual for the 9pg+/6pg+ specification it says: 7" Liquid Cooled.

Did I miss something?

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All CRTs are liquid cooled... that just means the phosphor is contained in glycol.

You're thinking "Liquid Coupled", which also uses glycol to fill the air gap in the lenses.

So the PG is Liquid Cooled, but not Liquid Coupled.
But for the money its throwing a nice picture for me.
As always, your right Clarence.

I was worried there for while though, I mean I've had my pg+ for couple of years now, and not being able to notice if it was liquid "cooled" coupled ... That would've been a horror. :D

Now that make things a bit more obvious.

Images I can manage, it's the letters that screws things up, lol.

Gotta love that 'opticatty' coupled tube.

Must be a female!

Yeah, that whole PDF is screwed up... I think they used OCR when they scanned it.
I wonder why a solid optic wasn't chosen (costs?).
NEC actually used the term optically coupled for the liquid coupled GP5000.
What is the IARC phosper and the non-IARC phosper?

What is the Dichronic coating?

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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