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is nvidia 420mx compatible with power strip timing

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i just install 420 mx chip . AGP video card.

it shows in power stip timing that it has 18.khz hoz

and 30 hz vert.

every time trying to add new resolution it ask to restart windows even if i do that i still not able to get to work on 60 .00 hz refresh rate.

is something wrong here.

i uninstall drvs it came with cd . i used nvidia drvs win 2k. i still have same problem.

ho do i get this card to work.

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what monitor/projector are you using, it may not like the settings you are forcing it, also try the latest detonator drives

thanks for reply

i`m using same monitor i used with ati 7500. which i took any kind timing i gave it using ati 7500,

about drvs i`m using, this last one they have on nvidia site,

if you have a Link for good drvs i`ll try that also,

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here is screen shot to ps timing
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i took back mx420 to where it was before. on intel bx motherboard

it could be that asus board which has dx645 graphic chip.

because the card give me what i need on bx board. all res with 60 hz no problems,

one day i`ll try it on asus board when i`m due for format. i just need may be time to really see if its asus issue.

but it works good on bx board with ps settings

as matter of fact after i swapped it from asus board, put back radeon 7500

install latest ati drv 2k, ati didn`t work ,

scrambled screen on boot safe mode or not .

i didn`t have choice but, format drive, now ati works good. and mx420 work good also,

my experiments will continue when i get bored to do it again.:D
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