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Hi All,

Is Onkyo HT-S9100THX satisfactory enough for everyday use to the following?

Sony BDP-S350 Blu-Ray

Sony 42 Inches 1080p

Xbox 360 for Gaming and Media Center with Vista


Nintendo Wii

HD Direct TV

Thanks in Advance,


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Your room is larger than 25' x 25'.

(Razz Time on)

You are an elitist snob and can't see yourself spending such a small amount of money.

You have told yourself that piecing a system together is far superior.

(Razz Time off)

For less than $900 you can get a nice system that will meet your needs. You will need to upgrade the speaker wire...as the wire that is shipped, if retaining lots of signal
, is 22/24 gauge. I didn't even upack the speaker wire.

Skim over the other thread about this system.
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