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Is Pioneer Out of the AVR Business?

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Just what the title asks. No new product announcements in quite a while, out of stock on the website, etc. Was looking to upgrade my SC-92 to add a couple of channels and DV on the video side but looks like it's time to start over with a new vendor.

I realize that Pioneer sold off the line but it looks like the brand is now dead as well.

Edit: OK! Searched the forum and found I'm just way out of date! I still hope for a Pioneer D-Class unit, but looks like that's next year [if ever].
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There's a thread: New from Pioneer and Onkyo There are disruptions with the brands having been sold, but they're not dead yet.

The Onkyo TX-NR5100 is available now. It's a new model. Others are to follow, as are Pioneers.
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