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I need everyone's help pushing me over the edge to purchase a plasma over LCD. I want to, but I'm just concerned about a few things and maybe you guys can interpret what I'm looking for and see if plasma is for me.

I'm interested in plasma for the following reasons:

1. Good value in the 50" and up range. I was looking at purchasing the PN50C8000 with a viewing distance of roughly 12'. There any five large windows in the living room which face east. That would mean direct sunlight may be an issue in morning, but later on in the afternoon there shouldn't much of a glare. Do you think a plasma will be fine in this room?

2. I'm a big sports guy. Now I wouldn't call myself a videophile, but instead a technology enthusiast. I research the hell out of my technology purchases to the point where I become a master, but in this circumstance I have no past history with top of the line TVs and if the motion blur of a LCD will be noticeable compared to the silky smooth motion of plasma. Is there much difference in terms of motion blur between say a plasma and the new Vizio LED's coming out with 480hz refresh (I know 240hz refresh with 240hz scanning)? Is it definitely a huge benefit to have a plasma for this reason?

3. Image retention is also a concern. I realize with today's tech, IR is not as serious as it once was, but I have read that it's definitely still there but fades in seconds. My concern with IR is using Google TV. I know I'll be using google tv to surf the web at night while watching the Celtics game in a small window. Will browsing the web for an hour with a window where the celts are be an issue with IR? What if I'm using a Pandora app for a party for some music and the entire night the tv is sitting on the Pandora app screen? Is this a concern with burn in?

4. 3D may not be there yet, but it would be nice to have a TV that supports this feature. I have read plasmas have the advantage in this area compared to ALL LED teams. Is this true?

5. I mostly watch regular tv shows with sports. The occasional movie. I know plasmas are best for movies and sports. Would you still recommend the plasma even though I'm not a huge movie guy?

6. How do full array with dimming LED's compare to plasmas? I know they're very expensive, but as I mentioned above I'm thinking the new Vizio's could be a great value. Would you say plasmas still have an advantage over the best LED technology?

Any other information to help me swing towards plasma is definitely welcomed. To be honest I want to go plasma, just some what concerned with the IR issues. Should I be that concerned at this point?

Thanks for your help! Hopefully I'll be buying a new Samsung PN50C8000 in the next week or two.

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