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is recording TV via HTPC complicated?

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Hi all. I'm planning on converting my old PC to an HTPC so i'm reading up as much as i can about them. I've built PCs before, but not an HTPC.

i want to have a way to record satellite SDTV (unfortunately, HDTV is not availiable in this part of the world
....yet) so that my mother can record her favorite shows. I was thinking of using the HTPC for this purpose.

first things first though. Is recording TV from an HTPC a complicated procedure? because my mother is definitely NOT tech savvy, and i'm not going to be home all the time. ideally, i'd like it if all she has to do is press a single button and the HTPC will record whatever is coming out of the STB. so i want to know if i should even bother with this, or if i should just get a DVD-RW or a DVD/HDD recorder/player (no TIVO here either... i hate this place >__
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Your best bet for now is to use a DVDr - the current state of HTPCs is no where near the appliance level that DVDrs are. A simple $100 DVDr (or you can even get one with an HDD for $200+) will do fine for your needs - no need to complicate matters with a HTPC.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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