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Is room size adequate?

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I'm in the planning stage with a new house and room in basement for a theater. The room i have layed out is 22' long by 11 1/2' wide. I've attached a drawing. My concern is can this room accomodate the following: (or am i asking too much)

1. stage

2. framing for screen and front speakers with stand for center channel to be behind the screen

3. platform for rear seating

4. columns for surround speakers to include columns in the rear for 7.1

5. half wall/drink counter behind the rear seating

I'm only looking to seat maybe 5 or 6 people.

The drawing shows the rear entry which will come in under the duct work in the rear of the room.
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Depending on what kind of seating you're gonna want to go with, you're gonna be REAL tight on the width... especially with columns on the sides. Length wise, it depends on how big of a screen you want to have. I'm not sure what kind of drink table you had in mind, but it probably won't make it to final production...

How much control do you have on the size of the room and where would you want to place your equipment?
you don't say the display, however going with front projection, specifically the Panasonic AE700/900 series will allow an 8 ft screen with 8 ft front row (actually closer works, however you have to prove it yourself)

7 ft would work quite well also with no SDE or any other problems, especially with Hi def, allowing rear seating at 11 ft or so - leaving even more room

you could shoot from approx 21 ft via rear shelf mount or probably 20 ft - assuming the screen itself is back from the wall for speakers etc - (dependinng upon the issue with the counter etc)
My theater is 20' long and 15' wide, we have a 110" screen with two rows of 4 chairs(eight total). I wish the room was 3' wider and 4' or 5 ' longer.

The wider width would allow steps on both sides of the front row. We only have one step on the left side now. This also causes the right most chair to be up against the speaker column.

The 4' longer would give us more space between the front and back row. Also the back row would have more space between the back of the chair and the back wall.

All in all the space we have works. The additional space would make it look a little nicer too.
I was thinking of using a Dalite 45 x 80" x 92" diagonal screen with an Infocus 5700. From what i've read, basic rule of thumb for seating distance is 1 1/2 x the diagonal size of the screen which would be 11 1/2'. Can i reduce this distance with this equipment or should i consider other equipment in order to reduce this 11' seating distance.

I've attached a drawing showing which wall i can control, will this look out of sorts with the front of the room or do i add a couple of feet to help with the seating area?

I can eliminate the half wall/counter in the rear and just make this room all theater, does that help my situation?
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I would be very careful about DLP, as many people have somewhat distorted views due to that 100 million dollar plus Texas Instruments DLP promotion campaign - which leaves out a significant amount of problems some viewers have with the single chip color wheel issue

With the Pan AE700u/900u at least - you could watch from as close as 4.5 ft onto a 92 inch screen with the top quality HD material, and absolutely from 7 or 8 ft w/o any trouble - for all sources

Your room size is no problem really

We just viewed earlier this evening the PHANTOM of THE OPERA via Comcast HD (HB0-HD) broadcast (also using a Motorola 6412 HD DVR) from an approx 6.5 ft seating distance (eyes to screen center) with an AE700u onto a 96" matte white. No screen door effect, no noticeable artifacts or other problems - basically it was like being there - a very high impact experience Probably like viewing the original movie at IMAX - had the movie been at IMAX - which it never was of course

The old 1.5 x screen with seating distance is certainly obsolete for some projectors at this point, and by next year, when more models match Panasonic - its going to become obvious to many more people - that such distances tend to outdistance the resolution detail and closer distances can now increase that detail w/o an serious screen degradation issues
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Thanks everyone for the response. Sounds like my room size should be adequate. I will need to read and learn more about projectors before making a final decision. I have spent hours reading the different threads in order layout what my final product will look like and "how" to build it.

I've searched but didn't find anyone with an ibeam going across the front where the screen will be. I've attached a picture showing the location, what i would like to do is build out ~2' from that wall and build the screen/speaker wall on top of a small stage. The ibeam is 7' from the concrete floor, i want to use dri-core then build from there.

Any ideas for blending the beam and making this work?

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