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Is Servo-Drive(Contrabass) out of Bus.???

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I had someone from HAA out to set up and calibrate my room and he said my Contrabass was not working. He said that servodrive was out of business- Is that true?? Anyone have any idea what would make the contra stop working - no noise nothing- It is only about 8 months old- Any help would be greatly appreciated- gary
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While they might technically still be operating, they're certainly in a downward spiral and hard to get a hold of from all the accounts I've heard.

bebop - If you can do some more sleuthing and open the top, we can probably figure out what is wrong with it. First question would be if you had opened the access hatch yet? If the motor is fried, the burnt electronics/glue smell is often pretty obvious. Without the hatch open, you can still push both cones together at the same time and see if they move reasonably freely. You will normally feel a little friction, but they should move in and come back out maybe 1/2" without much trouble. While I wouldn't expect a problem, also check the input plate and make sure there aren't any obvious wiring issues. By chance did you change the speaker cable and not wire it back up correctly?
Hey mark -I did not know it was not working as I have used it very little as my room was being built- I had Jerry Lemay(?) from Haa out to calibrate and he and his assoc. said the Contra was not working- i have not personnaly looked at it- Where is the hatch located?- thanks so much for the help-
Jerry is capable, although I doubt he did more than just confirm the amp was working and that nothing was coming from the Contra. First swap amps and check the wiring of the SpeakOn connector. Then you can flip the sub over and remove the ~12 screws that hold the bottom panel on (I'm presuming yours is a newer one with the panel and input connector on the bottom). The motor and belt mechanism can be seen by moving the bat of fiberglass that is inside the hatch. Again, check your wiring first, as that is the most likely problem. If you miswired the connector, it might have killed the amp.
If you are very lucky you might just have a loose connector inside the unit too. When I received my CB (from Quantum Sound..before ServoDrive) it was DOA. A connector had come off the terminal on the inside of the SpeakOn connector.

I just spoke with the good folks at Servodrive and they are not "Out of Business". They are moving to a new space and have had some telecom issues, but rest assured, they are still selling subs & speakers.
The move happened around the 1st of April. Draw your own conclusions.
THANKS!-I will check the unit and cable on Sunday and report back- again thanks for all the help- gary
hey guys- Sorry for not reporting on progress but I took apart the Contra and the motor looks fine- no smell or burn spots-I tried running the wires direct from my Crown amp to the motor on the contra(bypassing the neutrik connectors) nothing- The amp works fine( tried another speaker)If I turn the spindle on the motor the speaker does move in and out- I do not get any sound or movement when hooking up an amp to It- I guess this means that the motor is shot?? Any suggestions on fixing would be GREATLY appreciated- Gary
Any ideas???- I tried an ohm meter and did not even get a reading-I cannot get a hold of Servodrive no answer -
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