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Is Smallville in HD only on the WB?

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I notice that Shaw (Canadian Cable provider) doesn't have the WB channel.

It only has the following channels:

HDTV 301 HDTV1 - High Definition Television

HDTV 302 Movie Central HD

HDTV 303 KOMO - ABC Seattle

HDTV 304 KIRO - CBS Seattle

HDTV 305 KING - NBC Seattle

HDTV 306 KSPS - PBS Spokane

I'm assuming Smallville won't appear in any of those stations? I guess only OC and 24 in HD will appear on Fox?
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as far as i know the only other network that airs SMALLVILLE in HD is HDnet. is it available in B.C. ? BTW HDnet is airing only reruns of the 2nd season on thurs. nites & sun. mornings. i think they're nearing the end of the 2nd season(been catching up on the show since Oct.).

Originally posted by Sgt_Strider
Smallville is on CITY tv HD. It appears on Cancom/StarChoice ch 289. Whether your local cable head end gets this feed I can't tell you
HDNet airs two episodes on Thursdays, twice, at 5:00 and 6:00, then again at 8:00 and 9:00 (with an episode of Haunted in between--used to be Odyssey 5). These times are Pacific; they apparently only have one feed so the times are three hours later Eastern. Next week, they are airing the two episodes just before the end of the second season, so the third season should premiere at the beginning of March, back to back with the second-season cliff-hanger (gotta love it).
On expressvu you can get it a week ahead of the canadian schedule on the WGN (chicago local) or on City toronto a week behind as this si the same feed as shaw. The City Toronto braodcast is from tape and the end credit are HD unlike the wgn feed.
Thanks for the information guys!
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