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Is StarChoice The Only Provider That Doesn't Charge a Monthly Fee For HD or HD DVR?

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StarChoice offers up to 27 HD channels at no extra monthly cost as long as you sub to the SD equivalent. They also don't charge a monthly DVR fee.

ExpressVu charges $10/month for HD channels plus a $3/month "Digital Service Fee". They don't charge a monthly DVR fee.

Our local cable company- Eastlink charges $5/month for HD channels or $15/month for HD channels +rent their HD DVR.

What about other providers?
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Verizon Fios charges no separate fee for HD (although some of their reps seem confused about this, because apparently it's marked as a separate service in their systems -- they may have contemplated a separate charge before they started). And they don't offer an SD DVR, so technically there's no extra fee for the HD DVR. But their HD STBs cost more ($10) than their SD STBS ($5). I use Tivo Series 3's, and pay only for CableCard rental, and the standard ("Premiere") package, along with the premiums -- no HD-specific fees.
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