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Is subwoofer needed?

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I am setting up a quality audio system for the very first time. I have Onkyo 504 and Axiom M3 v2 on order. I was wondering if I really needed a subwoofer. My room is 1600 cubic feet with an opening that is 400 cubic feet. As far as listening preferences go, I am more concerned about music than movies. I mainly listen to rock and classical. I don't want to blow away the walls but prefer rich, deep engaging sound. Right now, I am considering Hsu VTF-1.

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IMO, a sub is always needed. But some will say that you can get away w/o having one for music, if you have some decent mains.
With a frequency response down to 60 Hz, I would get a sub.

Originally Posted by blueoyster /forum/post/0

I was wondering if I really needed a subwoofer.

How dare you ask that here?

Of course a sub is needed. Maybe even two or three subs!

(Just kidding)

Seriously, once you listen to music using a well intgrated and calibrated sub, you probably won't ever go back to sub-less.
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I think it depends on your obsession with 2 channel music. If you are really serious about 2 channel, integrating a sub properly is nearly impossible. For most music, a sub is not really required. I'm not sure your equipment can do this but what I've done is have one input on my pre-amp that only plays 2 channel and does not have the sub. The rest of the inputs use all 7.1 outputs. That way when I want to listen critically to music, it is only using the two mains and when I want multichannel (like movies) it uses everything (including subs).
Thanks for all the input! I think I will get one. Money is not a problem but I just can't seem to justify a $400 subwoofer (VTF-1) when my mains are $330 (Axiom M3)! But that subwoofer has a formidable reputation on this forum. I guess I will have to find out first hand.
if price is an issue, you could DIY for quite a bit less money (if you know what you are doing)
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