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Is SUPERSIZING shows the new thing?

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Well, first it was NBC, and now FOX has gotten into the act by supersizing American Idol last night. If you used your Replay to record that show, you will see that it cuts off at 9pm...missing about 10 additional minutes.

There was no mention of schedule change or anything, even on Fox's own site.

Let's hope that they all don't start doing this, or the guide will become useless.
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Yes, that was incredibly annoying. Luckily I had set the thing to record the "Big Fat Wedding" show afterwards, so I got all of the American Idol show.

Interestingly, BFW must have been short, since I didn't get the tail end of that one cut off.
Yeah, that sucked. I'm not much of an American Idol fan, but I do like the audition shows. When I said, oh we'll just turn on "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fieance" since my wife said she recorded the show (something I could care less about) and it wasn't there, I wasn't too happy.

Signed up for Poopli and it wasn't even there yet. Hopefully, it will show up on the database tomorrow or it will be magically sent it to me *hint* *hint*
The most "intriguing" part of American Ido last night was what occurred between 9:00 and 9:10pm. Query whether Fox hoped to snare in some MBFOF viewers with that hook.

The only indication that it was supersized was the host's numerous references to it throughout the show.
The difference between NBC supersizing and FOX last night is that typically the NBC changes make it into the guide. This creates problems with conflicts, but I normally get the full shows. Apparently FOX decided to do it without notifying TMS.
I think the odd-ball start & stops and day swapping at NBC will be come more frequent. NBC recently anounced that they are dumping the traditonal "seasons" and are ending their winter first run programming a month earlier than everyone else.

It seems like they are trying to mess with PVR viewers with the odd times. It's very frustrating. Maybe Replay could add in a conflic menu or something that you could at least check to see when you'r going to miss a show due to conflicts.

Something that has always bothered me right back the Showstopper I still have is that I can extend a recording "x" minutes, but I can't cut them short the same way. Often times, I'd like to start recording a show early, but it would prevent the recording of show prior.
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