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Thus as far as we can tell, the 5570 is in fact the perfect Radeon HTPC card that we have been looking for. It's the cheapest, smallest, and coolest running 5000-series card that can offer the full suite of post-processing abilities, and of course it has the 5000-series's audio bitstreaming capabilities. Since the whole point of this exercise was to identify the lowest 5000-series card that was still perfect for HTPC use, we have found it. And the best part is it even fits in a low-profile case.


So the 5450 is still the almost-perfect HTPC card, but it's actually quite close. Unless you need more than Vector Adaptive deinterlacing, the 5450 would be as good of a fit as the 5570.

I cant care less about "edge enhancement, de-noise, dynamic contrast, etc.". So it would seem that for my needs, the 5450 is actually enough.

Is this still valid? If I can find a reasonable priced fan-less 5570, are chances good that I will be able to install it into my Win7 x64 PC, and integrate with my Sony 3200 ES receiver using hirez multichannel LPCM over HDMI without excessive hassle and driver fiddling etc?

I want to playback 28mbit h264 1080p60 videos from videocam. I guess that is not an issue?

How does MadVR run on these? Are there any issues with rgb/YCbCr levels, or using a measured calibration?

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