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LG CX77, 5.2.4: Emotiva T1+/C2+/B1+/monoprice in-ceiling amber, SVS PB3000, denon x3700h, XPA9 gen3
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I've been looking for a good pair of headphones to replace the speaker system I had to sell. My budget is $150, and I'll be getting an AMP/DAC in a couple months.

I tried the AKG K240S, and found them boring and lifeless. I also realized how much sound they leaked, and need a closed headphone.

I like Hip hop, techno, and R&B, and I am a basshead. This is what first drew my attention to the DT770 pro 80 ohm. I've heard it can run unamped, but truly shines with an amp. Since I will be getting an amp/dac, I should be able to run it to its full potential, and I will still be able to use it until then. My concern is if it sounds similar to the AKG K240s. If they do, then they aren't for me.

I've heard the Denon D1001K sound nothing like the 240s, and this is a huge plus. But I've also heard they are nowhere near as bass heavy as the 770.

I'm leaning towards the DT770, but I would like to know if anyone thinks it sounds very similar to the AKGs. If it does, then it probably isn't for me.
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