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Is the H/K AVR7200 too much receiver for JBL E-series...?

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Several months ago, I received an H/K AVR7200 as a gift. I never imagined I'd have a receiver this nice; but, I was thrilled at the notion of building my 5.1 home theater around this machine.

The AVR has been sitting in its original box for months because I am agonizing over what speakers to purchase....

The guy who sold me my DLP is trying to sell me into an M&K setup... They sound amazing, but I don't want to spend $2000 + on speakers that just won't be used that often. I only fire up the receiver when I watch DVD's and that is probably only once a week (at best).

I have been really tempted to get some JBL E-series speakers. I can get an entire 5.1 system for $600 - $800 depending on what models I choose (E30's vs. E50's). I have read nothing but GOOD reviews about these speakers on this forum. However, when I mention this idea to the salesman, he tells me that the AVR7200 is WAY too much receiver for those speakers.

How can that be when they are made by the same company? Is he just telling me that because he wants to make a big M&K sale? Every time I mention JBL, he acts really snooty like they are not even good enough to be mentioned in his shop.

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the jbl's would sound great with that h/k receiver......

go for it!

you can always upgrade next year or whenever if you feel like it.....


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oscal74, there is no such thing as too much amp for a speaker unless you mean too much power for the rated power of the speaker, and then it would only be a problem if you turned the volume up too high and spiked the speaker causing a blow out of one of the drivers. There is a greater problem with an underpowered amp distorting at high current demand and destroying a tweeter or other driver. The salesman must not sell the JBL's. If you like the sound, don't let an ignorant salesperson discourage you or talk you into something more expensive but less enjoyable. Dennis
I have NOT been able to demo the JBL's since only Best Buy seems to cary them and their JBL display at my local store is broken.

My opinion on them is based on

1) A previous set of JBL bookshelf speakers I had in college that I loved,

2) Glowing reviews I read on this forum, and

3) Insane prices I am seeing online.
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I would suggest that the speakers are probably the most important part of a home theater setup. I think you should go for the most speakers you can get for the money. Don't forget to consider the sub as an inferior sub can be a big dissapointment. I have purchased speakers and subwoofers without first hearing them and have been greatly satisfied. Doing the research is a great thing to do if you can't actually listen to them. Dennis
You know, the AVR 7200 is a heck of a nice receiver... I don't see how you could possibly be doing yourself harm by using it with speakers you like, albeit cheaper speakers than maybe somebody else has.

I do think you are selling yourself a bit short though on your planned usage. I use mine with TV, music, movies... the dumb thing is always on, it seems. Once you get used to a nice receiver and speakers, you won't sit still for using the TV speakers.

And what tubeguy said - you can always upgrade in a year or two if you feel the urge. It's not like speakers go bad (well, not if you take care of them) and every house needs music in more than one room. :O)
Imo they're some of the best sounding ht speakers best buy has had since the eosones. However what sounds good to you w/ your rec. in your home may be totally different. Along w/ what drdoan said you may want to research your sub options as that is very important for a satisfying home theater... :)
I'd probably look pretty seriously at the E90 or E100 speakers for the fronts. The prices for the "E" series is pretty sweet right now. I was able to listen to the lower-level "E" speakers for fronts, but really preferred the sounds of the E90 and E100 models.
Originally posted by sarg
... you may want to research your sub options as that is very important for a satisfying home theater... :)
If I read between the lines, are you saying that the JBL E-series subs are not that good.

If so, I have 2 follow-up questions...

1) What is a good/inexpensive sub?

2) Is it okay to mix-n-match your speakers with a different brand of sub (i.e. JBL speaker with Velodyn sub)? I always thought they should match the same way your fronts should match your rear (I believe it's called timber matching).
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Originally posted by wje
I'd probably look pretty seriously at the E90 or E100 speakers for the fronts. The prices for the "E" series is pretty sweet right now. I was able to listen to the lower-level "E" speakers for fronts, but really preferred the sounds of the E90 and E100 models.
I have to stick with bookshelf models due to my family room configuration. The towers won't work. The best I can do is the E50.
I am using the JBL E-Series for my HT right now and I am very happy with them! Fronts: JBL ND310 (similar to E100), Center: JBL EC35, Surrounds: JBL E50, Back Surrounds: JBL E50, Sub: JBL E250P + PE10. I am powering them with the Pioneer Elite VSX-54TX 7.1 receiver. I would say go for the JBL and upgrade them few years later. At least that's what I am going to do.
The E30 is a 2-way speaker while the E50s are a 3-way speaker. I have the E30 mated with a Pioneer 1014TX now and it sounds very nice so far. BB has a 30-day return period, so you can try them out and return them if they are not to your satisfaction. I don't believe they carry the E50's in the B&M though.
For me a good sub is one that integrates well with the rest of the speakers and produces the lfe w/o bringing any attention to itself. You should be able to stand within a couple of feet from the sub and not be able to localize the sound. When called for it should be able to go low enough and loud enough to accurately reproduce the soundtrack for a "you are there feeling". Inexpensive I feel would be relative to you and the size of your room. You definitely can use a different brand sub from the rest of your speakers often w/ better results...
oscal74 - to answer your original question: YES, the HK 7200 is too much receiver for a $600 package set of speakers.

I currently have a 7200 driving some B&W 703's / HTM1 / DS6's (703's are bi-amped with the receiver's rear surrounds) and it sounds awesome. Basically, the 7200 is capable of much much more than you'll get from a
oscal74, I think I may have misunderstood your post yesterday,sorry :eek:

I don't have enough information to suggest a particular sub but Hsu Research produces a line of subs( from 299.00 up) known for outstanding performance at an economical price. My feelings are if you could stretch your budget now to get a quality sub to compliment your avr (hk7200) you could be satisfied for a long time. Then when you do decide to upgrade it will most probably be your speakers not your sub or avr... :)
Saying the 7200 is too much for the JBL speakers is nuts. I would match JBL's with any of the other speakers mentioned. The E50 are the little brother of the S38 from the studio line. I use a pr. (S38II's) for my mains and these are fantastic speakers.

I would put most of my money into speakers as opposed to the receiver but the 7200 is certainly not too much. If you need to stick with book shelves, try the E50's for mains, EC35 center, E30's for surrounds(go with E50's here if space permits). Also, the E250 is a nice sub as well. If you were going to pay full price at Best Buy then i may suggest looking at other options, however, the above set-up has an MSRP of over $1500., not $600 as someone mentioned.

The nice part of going with JBL is you are getting a great value when you purchase on-line.
I think there's some confusion over what "too much" means. My interpretation: will you be getting everything out of it with a $600 JBL 5.1 package? My answer: no.

Doesn't mean you shouldn't open that sucker up and use it with whatever speakers you get (you should). Just means there's a lot of unused potential there.

I hear you. Unless i was spending 5k on speakers, i wouldn't shell out the cash on the 7200. I beleive in putting the most money you are going to spend in the speakers. Somewhere around a 60-40 ratio, maybe even 70-30. just my opionion and i am sure there are many other opinions out there.

However, the JBL package I listed is not a $600 package. You can buy the set for $600 but it will rival any set for $2500 out there. My point is just that the JBL's are great speakers. The E series is not quite what the S series is but it is very close. Again though, it is all about what makes you happy.
FYI, the JBL E Series from the E30 on up can also be bi-amped using your AVR's surrounds. Just a thought to keep in mind.
First let me say THANK YOU for all your constructive input...

To clarify a few things, here are the two options I am looking at...


satellites = E50

center = EC35

surrounds = SP8C (sorry... rears have to be ceiling mounted)

sub = E250P (can it sit on its side???)
MSRP = $1,800

online = $800 shipped!!!


satellites = LCR-750

center = Center-750

surrounds = SW-50 (sorry... rears have to be ceiling mounted)

sub = V-125
MSRP = $2,800

Magnolia quote = $2,100
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