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A couple months ago I got a set of 5.1 speakers for my computer, the Swan M60-5.1.

This is supposedly a very high-end brand?

When the speakers are not idling they sound pretty great, especially when all of them get in on the action for movies and games. But I've noticed from the beginning that there is a low buzzing noise that emits from all of the speakers at idle (when the system is on but the computer is not actively outputting anything).

Notes on the buzzing:
- If the noise floor of the room is low (computer idle, central air off), I can clearly perceive the buzz within a meter of the speakers.
- It is relatively consistent no matter what volume the system's integrated amp is set at.
- Distortion or electrical noise from the inputs/computer is not the problem, as I can completely disconnect the inputs and the low buzzing sound will continue.
- It seems slightly worse with the left/right speakers than the center speaker. Left/Right are 8ohm impedance. Center is 4 or 6 ohms. (conflicting specs online) Take this note with a grain of salt as it is very slight.
- I've plugged the power source for the subwoofer/amp into a line conditioner from Tripp-Lite but there isn't a significant difference.
- The markings on the back of the subwoofer/amplifier by the power plug say 110V~60Hz. However if I'm not mistaken the standard in the USA, as well as what my line conditioner puts out, is 120V/60Hz. I'm not sure if this actually makes a difference but thought I'd point it out.
- The included speaker wire is a little different. RCA on one end and positive and negative speaker wire on the other. The ends are tinned with solder, relatively high quality by the looks of it. But the wires look to be around 18 or 20 gauge which I should think is a little thin? Even for such short runs (3 meters for front left, front right, and center).

I ask all you more experienced enthusiasts and gurus out there, is this normal or is it more likely I have a slightly defective unit? Is there anything I could possibly do to improve the symptoms?

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I suspect the computer is the source of the noise. Unplug from the computer and see if the sound persists.
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