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Is the Matterhorn DLP a good choice for USA residents?

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I'm on the fence. HD2+ DLP projectors are beyond my price range. The new Panasonic LCD is temping but I won't be able to see one without buying it first and I've never seen an LCD that had black level that I like.

If I'm most fussy with DVD's and will only occationally use the theater for HDTV and regular NTSC broadcasts I'm wondering if the PAL-type chip is a por choice because ity will always be scaling from 480p on dvd to 720/1080 on HDTV.

My dlp short list is the Mits HC900 that I have a connection that can get it for me at a good price.

or the Benq 7800 that avs has at a good price too.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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The 1024x576 resolution should be ideal to scale 1080i into 540p, so HD material should look great (720p will not look as nice). There is also enough resolution to capture 480p material. It will all depend on the scaler and how it will decide to display the image in the DLP grid. A HTPC would ensure that you will be able to display your material in the preferable resolution. If you go to 854x480, then HD suffers, (Although 4805 users seem to be happy with scaled HD on their projectors).

WXGA seems to be the best of both worlds, if you prefer the LCD picture. If not, the 576p DLP displays are a nice compromise. If you want a 3rd option - get an XGA projector and a panamorph lens.
I guess I never saw the point behind the Matterhorn chip. Many XGA projectors can be set up as permanant 16:9 projectors -- the NEC 240k for example. When configured for 16:9, these XGA projectors put out the same 1024x576 as a Matterhorn.

What an XGA can do that Matterhorn can't do is project a full 1024x768 image when set up as a 4:3 projector. That way you get full resolution for PC games, Xbox, SDTV sports, etc. So it would seem to me that you have more flexibility with the XGA projector.

I know that a Matterhorn projector will generally throw a brighter 16:9 picture than an equivalent XGA because the entire output of the lamp is focused on those 1024x576 pixels, but brightness was never a shortcoming for most XGA business crossover projectors. For the huge premium they want for the Matterhorns, I don't see the real benefit over XGA.
Here in Aus the NEC 240K was quite pricey with RRP above $5000 AUD and street prices closer to $4400 AUD. I managed to secure for the church a 260K for $4100AUD and use that when the urge arises.

Reasons to choose matterhorn over xga:

- XGA projectors will display an illuminated black top and bottom whereas with matterhorn there will be none given that no light is emitted in that region.

- Not many XGA projectors come with 6/7 segment high speed colour wheels more suited to home cinema viewing (NEC HT1100 is one of few).

- An overly bright image is more prone to rainbow effect which means the high 'business class' lumen output negating the forfeited 30%ish is a bit of a moot point

- If you are in PAL land then a matterhorn will fit DVD's more natively since only horizontal scaling need ever be done.

- In the case of using FFDShow resize to desktop res, a smaller desktop size results in being able to use a higher tap/lobe resize algo.

- Some people just like having a 16:9 screen on their wall as opposed to a 4:3 one, not a compelling argument but thats how it is sometimes.

- Comparing say NEC LT240K and the upcoming NEC HT510, you'd barely say there was a price premium going with matterhorn, granted the HT510 has a bit of reduced contrast spec wise (but from reports there is not too great a diff to the HT1100 which is impressive to say the least, still until we get more reviews it's hard to know). I know that the HT510 will go for less than the LT240K which means it will street for less as well.


Duy-Khang Hoang
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I'm new to fp, so sorry if this has been asked before, but...

If Matterhorn DLP is native for PAL, what exactly does it do to compensate for an NTSC signal? Is there a difference in resolution where something gets stretched or squashed by the Matterhorn DLP when displaying NTSC?

Can someone please explain this to me?

Thanks so much!
One more thing...

Will USA DVD's (in 16:9) be displayed properly and without alteration of resolution on a Matterhorn DLP based FP such as the Mitsubishi HC900?

I am a new owner of a matterhorn chipped machine, I had an XGA machine prior to that. I have to say that I would have shared the opinion of most that the matterhorn seemed ridiculous, but I found myself watching almost always in stretch mode with my HD reciever and my old PJ. Because of this I started looking to a Mustang chipped machine, but the price could not be justified in my opinion. I looked at both BenQ PE machines and went with the 7800 (thanks Jason and AVS for that price) because of bang for the buck. I am very happy with it, and probably like the 8700 more, but without it being there for a direct comparision I am in a blissful ignorant world.

As for the fact that 1080i will look better than 720p: I do not fully concur, you need to take in many more factors than just how close that pixel count matches up. I personally prefer the 720 feed from my STB!


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