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So the title pretty much says it. I am putting together my first home theater surround sound. My room is 30x12x32. I have an "L" shaped couch in one corner of the room (see photos) which I intend to place a 5.1 around (using towers to support the rear satellites on opposite ends of the couch). I have done a few hours of research and this is what I am planning on buying:

1.) Receivers: Pioneer VSX-1123 (amazon $349 + 16 3yr warranty)
2.) Floor Stands: Klispsch Synergy F20 - x2 (Frys $149x2)
3.) Satellites: Fluance AVBP2 - (amazon $119 + $5 2yr warranty)
4.) Subwoofer:BIC America F12 (amazon $184 - comes with 5yr warranty)
5.) Center: Yamaha C310BL (amazon (141 + 8 2 yr warranty)
Total Price = $1150

My questions are:

1.) Is the Receiver powerful enough to support the speakers and sub woofer
a.) If not, do I need a different receiver all together, or are there other solutions
b.) please make recommendations as to the best alternatives (with respect to budget)

2.) The Pioneer has 2 pre-amps for the front speakers, do you recommend getting amps to support the Synergy floor speakers?
a.) of course, if this receiver needs to be replaced all together in order to accommodate the size of speakers I need then this question is irrelevant

3.) What other components would you recommend (are there specific types of wires, plugs, etc. that I will need or that you strongly recommend)

4.) Personally, I like all the components that I have picked, but if you think I am making a mistake (or there is a much better alternative, or equal alternative for less money) please let me know


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I have many surround systems in my home and have set up many for my friends. The pioneer VSX-1123 is good receiver.

I have pioneer VSX-823 in the bedroom with the Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System (Set of Six, Black) and that is a great system. I would recommend the speaker set for your application.

I have the Pioneer VSX-1028 in my living room with a paradigm speaker system and a older mirage bipolar sub woofer.

In my theater I have an older Pioneer VSX-1018 receiver and older energy speaker 7 speaker system with 4 dipolar bi polar side and surrounds, with 3 Sub woofers. 2 energy and 1 D-Box.

I set up a friend with the Pioneer VXS- 1023 this past December with the Energy 5.1 Take Classic System but we added 2 extra Take 2 speakers to make his system a 7.1 surround system and he enjoys it very much.
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