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Is the SharpLC52E77U capable of 1080p/24p output?

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I'm really interested in this TV and would like to know if this would be able to output 1080p/24p from blue-ray (PS3)? I ask because after some reading here, seems like not all TV sets labeled as such can output 1080p/24p from blue-ray (namely Toshiba).
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I think so. There is a website that lists all known TVs that correctly support 24p and past Sharps are on that list. What's weird is that their past 120 Hz models support it by going into 96 Hz refresh rate and doing 4:4 pull-down.
Here is the link to the website that claims that the 2009 generation of LG's 60 Hz HDTVs properly support 24p by reducing their refresh rate to 48 Hz and doing 2:2 pulldown and Sharp's 120 Hz HDTVs properly support 24p by reducing their refresh rate to 96 Hz and doing 4:4 pulldown (when presented with 60 Hz material they refresh at 120 Hz -- why they don't refresh 24p material at 120 Hz and doing 5:5 pulldown is a mystery to me)


The Sharps mentioned are the 2008 models -- I don't know if the 2009 model behave the same way. Anyways, doing 96 Hz refresh with 4:4 pulldown is still a "proper" way of showing 24p material.
on the 46 inch i had, when i tested a bluray on the ps3

the tv on the corner said 1080 24

how do i know what pull down or whatever is being used? or whatrefresh rate is being used
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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