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I'm wondering if the Zenith DTV1080 RGB 15 pin connection is a sync on green or a full RGBHV connection.

The reason I ask is that I currently use this connection into a direct pass thru to the RGBHV connection to my TAW HD800 (based on the electrohome marquee 8110 I think). I am replacing the zenith STB with a H20 STB, which has only component outputs.

My thinking is.... that if the zenith is a sync on green and my system works fine today... Then all I will need is an adaptor to take the component outputs from the H20 and get a passive adaptor to the HD15 connector.

So I have two questions:

1) Is the Zenith DTV1080 RGB 15 pin connector a sync on green output or a RGBHV

2) If it's a sync on green.... is my thought that a simple passive adaptor Component RCA to HD15 should do the trick a valid one?
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