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Is their a Component to VGA converter?

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Hi I need a new pc monitor. I am probably going to buy the 24inch sony gw900(i think that's what it is) anyway I don't have an hdtv tv or anything and I want this monitor to be all purpose. I know most of you have large hdtv tv's or projectors. Sick setups like that. I am content with my all purpose pc monitor. But I need a Component(3 cable y,yb,yr err something like that sorry dont know alot re this) to VGA converter.

Is their anyone that sells this? How much are they? I try to search but all I get is vga to component converters and I need the reverse.

Thanks if you can help. I appreciate it.
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A component-to-VGA converter is called a "line doubler" or a "scaler".

Search for DVDO, TAW ROCK, QuadScan, CrystalImage, Vigatec, Faroudja .... They do what you want. My favourite is TAW ROCK, but then again, I'm biased...

The DVDO iScan is the cheapest.
Hey mark thanks for the quick response. Do you mind if I ask you some more questions?

Is their any degredation of the signal due to the converting. I found this a little while ago from audioauthority.com model 9A62 I believe. Is that what I need?

I'm going to do a search now thanks.

I am going to use this also for my xbox video game system. They are only coming out with hdtv component cables. No vga. Will these scalers work with anything as long as the signals are 480p etc...?

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you dont need a scaler for your application. all you need is this unit kd-ctc $179
Key digital and Extron both make Component to RGB adapters. Drop me an email for great pricing on them.


You don't mention what kind of video signals you want to display on the monitor. If you will only be watching the output of a progressive scan DVD player in addition to computer RGBHV, then a signal transcoder like the ones mentioned by michaellucky and Jason will be adequate.

However, if you want to display the output of a DVD player that has interlaced output, or if you want to watch cable TV, video tapes and/or laser disc, or the onscreen display of an A/V receiver or pre/pro, then you need a line doubler or scaler like one of those mentioned by Mark.

Computer monitors are only designed to handle progressive scan video, not interlaced.

Most CRT computers monitors will support interlaced (they WILL display HDTV 1920x1080i properly) ...

HOWEVER ... they often have a bottom cieling (ie, they cannot go below 480p ... which means many computer monitors cannot do 480i)

Thanks for the clarification.

I must admit I've never tried to display 1080i on a computer monitor.

Unfortunately, most consumer video is 480i, though, so a scaler, or at least a line doubler, is usually necessary.
I just ordered the last AA 9A62 component : VGA adapter from CopperBox.com. They are in production now, so they should have them back in soon.

I'll post my review of it as soon as I can.

Unfortunately, all I'll be able to use it with is a prog DVD player for now. I have a DTC 100 for my HDTV and until Xbox and GameCube are out, there are no 480p component games.
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