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Maybe I am asking for too much, but it seems I cannot find a plasma with the complement of features (requirements) that I am looking for. Anyone have any tips for me? I am looking heavily at the Panasonic TH-42PHD6UY, but I have to buy the TY-42TM6D DVI add-on board...Adding onto the cost pushing it well over my budget of $4,000. Is there anything else for less?

I will be using it in a pretty bright room.

42"-46" Wall-mount Plasma

Under $4000.00

>1000:1 Contrast Ratio

>500 cd/m Brightness

True HD Resolution (1024 x768 pixels – minimum) 720p & 1080i native compatibility

DVI Input w/ HDCP

VGA (D-sub 15 high-density or RGBHV-BNC type)

(2) Component Video inputs (capable of 1080i synch.)

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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