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Is there a larger elliptical dish for 3-satellite reception with DirecTV?

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Next week my DirecTV installation will be upgraded to add reception of the satellite at 110 West. Currently I have two conventional DBS dishes separately targeting the 101 and 119 slots, for improved signal strength and to provide more headroom for rain fade. (The usual stuff.)

I was planning to just replace the two dishes with an elliptical dish set up with the third LNB. But I was wondering if there are any better alternatives. Is there, for example, a single dish larger than the standard 18"x24" that can be used to receive all three satellites? I would prefer not to have to step down to a lower signal strength on the HD content (which is the only DBS content I really care about).

Presumably I could just add a third conventional dish for the third satellite. But I've got a real dish farm up there on the roof already (currently seven, counting the C-band dish) and I'm reluctant to add yet another.
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Pictures. Send pictures. Seti might be interested.

I just installed a 3rd 24" dish for similar reasons. There were a number of sites with 24" and 30" round dishes, but I didn't come across any larger elliptical ones. Do a google search on elliptical or oval DSS dishes, and maybe something will turn up.

I looked for such a dish some time ago with no luck. I have to ask why you would get picky about a dish after mounting seven of them on your roof? Seems like it would make absolutely no difference whether there was seven or eight or five, for that matter. Just a thought. Art
But it does matter. I'm not completely blind to the aesthetics, and incrementally there's just more clutter, more potential points of failure, and more chance that some busybody bureaucrat or neighbor will notice and decide to cause me trouble, as the number of dishes goes up. There's only so much room up there. Going down to six dishes instead of up to eight would have some real value. (Especially since I may be adding more later.)
Ron, I think you are great! That was the funniest input I have read in two and a half years on the forum. I just can't stop laughing. Cheers, Art.
You might look into the dish used for DirecPC. It's elliptical and about twice the size of the standard 18x24 DirecTV dish.
You can absolutely combine many/most/some of your LNBs onto a single dish.

Go to


and send them email with your questions. Nice people. Good ideas.


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Here is my DirecPc dish with 101 and 119 LNBs. Yeah that is duct tape on the 119 LNB. It is supposed to be temporary.

There are quite a few used DirecPc systems for sell on ebay. Most of the older "one-way" systems sell for peanuts.

Use the larger 36" dish and fabricate your LNB mounts. Not hard to do.
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