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Is there a product to help manage all the wires?

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I have 2 different gaming consoles, a DVR, 2 DVD players, and a VCR

I have LOTS of wires and sometimes im plugging and unplugging them as needed.

is there some 'hub' that i can plug my stuff into and switch on as needed?
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Sell some of them... ;)

But if you really insist on keeping all of them then consider a product from this site:

seems like what you need is an AV receiver.

look for one that has enough inputs (and input types) for your needs and you can switch between your gear as you wish, all potentially connected to the tv via one input.

for instance, with my yammy5790, I have my PS2, DVD player, and cable box all connected to my TV via component once. The 5790 then handles switching with the added benefit that I have better sound that what comes out of the tiny tv speakers.

now all my wires are managed through either bundled into flex tubing or clips.

the remote can turn on the TV, DVD, and cablebox (but not the PS2, alas. that still requires a short walk)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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