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Is There A Receiver Capable of Disabling Channels Via Software

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Years ago, before we had locking banana plugs, my girl kitty decided to "enhance" our television viewing experience by pulling the cables out from our center channel. Now she happened to do this during an NFL game and in doing so she removed Joe Buck from the equation. Like I said, she enhanced things.

What we really discovered in all of this is how much we enjoy watching sporting events with no announcers and just the sounds of the game/arena/stadium, etc.. To this day we still manually remove the cables from the center channel to kill the announcers. However, we'd like to avoid doing this manually in the future.

So the question is pretty simple -- which receivers are out there that allow you to enable/disable speakers on a per-channel basis via their software interface? Ideally you could do it via a button on the remote, but I doubt that's available. So if it's via software, that's fine. Just something to prevent us from doing it manually.
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You aren’t going to find that feature on any AVR. Simple solution, all you need is an A/B speaker switch.

Or rather than spend $30-40 for one of those, you could easily DIY for a few bucks with a common light switch mounted in an electrical box.

Wayne A. Pflughaupt
Pioneer allows to mute any channel via it's remote app

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@EvilEuro if you want to disable the center channel then change the dsp to stereo and it will just play the LR channels. However, sadly it wont get rid of Joe Buck, just the center channel dialogue. LOL!
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