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Is there a screen saver mode for S30?

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My Pandora and DLNA for my TC-P60S30 works great, except no screensaver activates during their use. Im afraid of getting IR or burn In after prolonged use. Is there a screensaver mode or any other option I could use to switch the screen to something else while these apps are being used?
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The app needs to have it built in (like netflix does when you sit at the menu) the TV does not a screen saver especially since that would potentially make it turn on while you are watching normal TV.
Well I guess that makes DLNA and Pandora worthless on the S30 then. I can't see using these apps at the risk of burn in.
Start the apps and then lower the brightness to 0 maybe? Pain to do every time but it could work, or just hook up a computer to it which is what I have.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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