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Is there a solution to use VUR10 remote with PS3?

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I've read some of the solutions regarding using universal remotes with the PS3, however I'm wondering if it's possible to use the IR function of the Vizio VUR10 with the PS3. The remote would be perfect for the PS3 since it has a keyboard. It's frustrating that even though it's a bluetooth remote it can't be paired to the PS3. Thanks in advance.

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Yeah I've been trying to sync this remote to my PS3 as well. I noticed in the TV devices menu that Xbox is an option but not PS3? When searching for other devices using the PS3 under "Manage Bluetooth Devices" and holding the record button and the green button on VUR10 for 5 seconds the remote pops up on the PS3 screen but when I try to enter the verification numbers it errors everytime. This is strange because it clearly is reading the remote but not the numbers entered? Not sure but it seems very close to working--hope someone can figure this out.


Has anyone figured this out yet? My PS3 "sees" the Vizio remote, but I am unable to enter the passcode that is given. I'd like to use the keyboard on the Vizio remote with the PS3.
the way I understand the Bluetooth technology I don't think you're going to be able to do it. Even if the PS3 recognizes the Bluetooth device they would need to release a firmware upgrade that has mapped commands for a separate Bluetooth signal for each of the buttons on the vizio remote. At this time there are only about 53 functions that may be controlled by Bluetooth and the qwerty keyboard is not part of that. At least hat's how I understand it.
If you have a slim PS3 like me you can use the HDMI CEC to have the TV remote communicate to the PS3 via HDMI

On the PS3

System Settings - Control for HDMI ON

On the TV

Menu - TV settings CEC Settings - Device Discover

The D pad on the remote works and the OK button works.

It dosen't have a Playstation button so you can't get out of things but it is nice to use to as a Bluray/Media Stream Remote.

Let me know if you get the qwerty to work.
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Go to Manage Bluetooth Devices. Start the scan and hold down Q+P+SPACE on the slide out keyboard. After it discovers the device, type in the verification code by holding the ALT key on the slide out keyboard and using the blue number keys on the slide out keyboard. Once done typing the code, press the enter button on the slide out keyboard. It should now work.

A few words of warning, this will cause the remote to no longer work over bluetooth with your tv but will work with IR with the tv when the PS3 is off. I'm pretty sure that if you restart the remote and the the tv the bluetooth pairing will work again.
I have a Vizio sv472xvt hdtv. can i pair its remote with the ps3 if so where would i find the verification codes. thanks
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