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Is there a video editor that will allow me to SPEED UP video playback?

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I would like to speed up video playback while keeping the music soundtrack at normal speed... much like you might see in a music video...

Are there any video editing software programs that will allow me to manipulate my HD (.m2ts) files in this manner?

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You could do this effect in Vegas Pro 9. I suspect Premiere would facilitate it as well.

Do not expect it to be a one-click effect. You will have to decouple the audio and video files, add a "velocity envelope" to the video file and adjust the speed to suit yourself, then sync up the sound as needed.
Thanks for your reply, IM4UK! I'll buy the Vegas 9 PRO.
This tutorial from Sony's web site, is sort of the reverse of what you want, but the steps may be helpful. Just do the opposite for some of the steps.

DaveTinNY, I do highly recommend Vegas Pro; I've used Vegas since it was primarily an audio editor from Sonic Foundry. But I probably never would have paid full price for it (it came bundled with firewire capture hardware years ago, and I've followed a periodic upgrade path). Be sure it's what you want before committing to it, because it is expensive.

Larryad's link above contains good info on the product, and you can certainly learn from users online. Cheers!
Windows Movie Maker: If u separate the audio from the video and use the audio as a soundtrack, you can speed up effect on the video while the sound will stay normal.
Guys, thanks for your responses - Larry, the tutorial was excellent information!!

Question, does the next "lower" Vegas editing sw offer this ability to undersample (or as I may prefer oversampling) or increasing the FPS?

When I saw the Vegas PRO price I decided I wouldn't be buying that one right away if I can pull off this oversampling/undersampling in the $114.00 version.

Thanks again.
I purchased the Vegas 9 "Platinum Pro" from Amazon for ~$79.00... we'll see how it goes. I'll let you how if I attain the results I'm seeking.
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Yes, you should be able to do it in Movie Studio. Just right click on the clip on the time line and then properties. I was going to suggest that you buy it from Amazon.
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Success! I bought it from Amazon... I was able to increase the framerate 4X so the effect I was looking for came out ok.
This is my first attempt with my brother's music accompanying it. The software looks really powerful. Thanks again for all of your input!

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Looks like the the effect worked very well. Nice Job...Glad it worked out for you.
Thanks for the positive comments and my brother will be happy to hear that too.

Here is the HD version, widescreen, and a few photos attached at the end.

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