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Is there any point to running 720p/1080i into a 480p projector?

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I keep switching back and forth between 480/720/1080i on my Xbox 360 and sending it to a IN72 (480p). I *think* I can see a difference but maybe I'm just deceiving myself?

Technically speaking, is a better image being produced by sending a higher signal?
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No, upconversion followed by downconversion is completely pointless. However, the higher quality of a true HD signal (720p+) fed into a 480p device is not.
So in the case of the Xbox 360 games (which are native 720p and down/upscaled accordingly), I should select 720p?
Having games rendered in 720p or higher and then having the projector downconvert to 480p works as a sort of anti-aliasing. Especially for games without AA of their own, you may notice that they look better because of the smoother lines.

Another consideration is that there could be problems with text. If you send text that is meant to be read on a 720p or higher resolution, it may be difficult to read at 480p. For those games, 480p might be better if they use different text based on resolution. I believe this is (was?) a problem with Dead Rising and Lost Planet.
Right...I remember the Dead Rising issue. A lot of SDTV users were screwed for awhile before it was patched.

I think you're dead-on about the scaling "AA". Things look smoother (rounded edges) when I send 720 into the IN72.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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