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Is there ANY way to loop with 360?

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Why would they have this fuction in the regular 360 drive, and NOT in the HD add-on?! I use DVD players as sleep aids a lot
! I'll loop my favorite movie or title, and it puts me right to sleep! Something like Planet Earth, Life of Mammals is something I can loop that will knock me out! But if I cant loop it, when the show ends and it goes back to the menu, that wakes me back up
! Plus I fear that it my leave a burned image on my TV. Couldnt loop Van Helsing so it automatically went back to the menu. When I woke up and went to play it again, I saw a little ghost image of the menu when the screen went black! Is there some way to loop or A-B that I'm not aware of? Seems like a HUGE omission...
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