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And if so does anyone know where I can buy one? My new HDTV only has one component connection and I am getting the Component connection for the X Box so I'll need another.


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Several of the more recent home theater amplifiers or preprocessors have component switching. The B&K Reference 30 comes to mind. It doesn't do any processing on the signals -- just switches any of three inputs to the output set. I'm sure that somebody either does or will do an outboard switcher for those of us who aren't ready to upgrade processors quite yet (I'd love to get a Lexicon MC-12, but it costs as much as the Sharp DLP projector I'm itching to buy http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif ).

I'll also be interested to hear from anybody who has a switcher, particularly one that's remote-controllable.


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I just received my Denon 4802 A/V receiver today. It has 3 components in and 1 out. Costs about $1750, though.

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Hi sacrates,

Key Digital makes a two component in, and one out.

You can get it from copperbox.com .



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