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Posting here too since its related. The reason I have selected Energy brand is that I have the TCs and I love their sound and clarity. But I don't have much exposure to other brands I am open to suggestions.

budget: $2500 (receiver, sub, speakers)

room: 19'x17'x10' (open to stairs, upper floor from one side)

iPod/iPhone: connection would be nice to have

use: 75-80% movies/games, 20-25% music

Front: Energy CF-30 x2 (tower)

Surround: Energy CB-20 x2 (bookshelf)

Center: Energy RC-LCR or CC-10 (not sure paying double for RC-LCR would matter or just go for cheaper CC-10 for center???)

Sub: HSU VTF-2 MK3

Receiver: Pioneer VSX-9040TXH

What do you guys think? Is that a good combination? Any other combo or individual component you would change to make it better or you know are better than this? Please give me your valuable feedback/suggestions.

Thank you!!!!
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