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Is this a good deal?

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I have a chance to get a demo DVP-S7700 for ~$500. I have a DVP-S7000 now and I absolutely love it (and who wouldn't). My question is should I pass the 7000 over to my SO and get the 7700 or keep the 7000.

As near as I can tell the 7000 has a better picture and the 7700 has DTS.

HELP! What do you suggest. :confused:

Thanks in advance,

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Assuming you have an interlaced-only capable setup, I personally would keep the S7000 or get another more current player. If you really want DTS, since all current players have DTS output, for about $500.00 now you can get a just as good a picture quality with more features (check out the Panasonic RP91 which is noted by Stacey Spears to have excellent interlaced output, plus it's a DVD-Audio player as well).

BTW, another reason I wouldn't get the S7700 is because it has the notorious chroma-upsampling error while the S7000 doesn't.

In short, if you're willing to spend $500 for another player, you have alot more, and in my opinion better, options out there.

Hope this helps...DB:)
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