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Is this a stupid idea?

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Buying screen material rolled and just using that as a screen on the wall ?

Roll it up to get it out of the way then when needed roll it back down.

Not sure if it is a good idea. I know it is not meant to be used like that. Why I am asking.

Yes I already have a screen but it is just a portable tripod screen and kinda sick of having it up all the time. Sure I could take it down but worried by doing that to much it will break easily :(

I still like it though.
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Not so much a "stewpid" idea as it is one where you must consider carefully what material to use that will give you results that will be better than a Bed Sheet.

Carl's Place makes just the thing..... Go Here

It is a stiffer material that comes on a Roll (...that you can reuse to store) and will lay flat against the wall......
You cannot however fold it at all....it will kink or crease permanently.

Probably the second best advantage is that you can up your screen size to something larger than most any Tripod variety.

Several ways to hang it, but the best would be to have Carl's install Grommets across the Top edge.

Give it a go....and good luck!
The biggest challenge will be keeping it flat when in use.

The biggest challenge will be keeping it flat when in use.
One idea would be to use two Plastic Spring Clamps at each bottom corner, both attached to two light weights.

The suggested material is actually quite stiff, so with Grommet-ed attachment up top and a light pull at the bottom, I would venture to say that you would acheive about the best possible results you could given that the material is basically unsupported by any Frame.

There have been other DIY Members who have used the ProWhite and attachedd it to the Wall using something as simple as 5/8" Thumb Tacks. Of course not many...if any wanted to continually put up / take down the material on a regular basis.
I would drill in on this part: "get it out of the way then when needed" - I kind of used to have that thought as well, but in my limited experience, that's really only a concern for people that have only seen half-donkeyed screen installations. If you put together a nice screen with a nice relatively wide black border (two inches?) a fixed-mount screen can look pretty darn good and never needs to be taken down or covered up.
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It might be easier to just put up a couple hooks and use something like this inexpensive pull-down screen. This particular one is a 120" 1:1, which means width-wise it's about the same as a 16:9 97". Still, better than a bedsheet, and easier than rolling a screen up by hand all the time.
that's really only a concern for people that have only seen half-donkeyed screen installations.
You get a "like" for introducing me to the phrase "half-donkeyed"

OP, keep an eye on Amazon for pull down screens that go on sale. You can get a manual pull down very inexpensively. Amazon even has their own brand, but models from Elite, or similar, will randomly have price drops when Amazon is trying to turn over inventory - their weird algorithm might drop price 5% a day until it sells. If you don't like the look of the case on the ceiling, put some wood trim or a valence curtain up to hide the case. Vivohome has a 100" 16:9 pull down for $82... I've never seen one but they do make nice TV mounts.
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