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Hoping someone can answer this for me. Last night I decided to watch some tv on my 2 day old Pioneer 5020, giving it a break from the break in images.

I watched some hockey in hi def and some college basketball in hi def. I was seeing what appeared to be camera flashes on the screen during the games, but i'm not exactly sure if thats what it was from. the flashes occured both while the games were being played and also during any breaks in the action. I did not see these flashes on any channels that were not shoiwng sporting events. Are camera flashes more prevalent in hi-def? I have the Scientific Atlantic 8300HD box, connected with an HDMI cable.

Please please dont tell me that I am seeing something that 99.9% of people do not see on plasmas!!!

One note - when i switched the settings to D-Nice's movie mode settings, I forgot to set film mode to advance. would this have caused the issue i was seeing?
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