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Is this possible / consequences ????

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I have a pioneer elite 45tx surround receiver about 3 yrs old which states having - continuous average power output of 100 watts per channel minimum.

According to the manuual it does allow for bi-wiring but says not to run more than one speaker off of the terminal!

My question, is there any difference (possibility of damaging the receiver) between running one tower type speaker with multiple drivers (4 mids & 2twtrs) or 2 bookshelf type speakers which combined have (2mids & 2 horns which supposedly are very easy to drive) total

I was thinking about running (2 sets, 4 spkrs) of side surrounds off both the left & right surround channels, and doing the same (2 sets, 4 spkrs) along the back wall for my rear surround L&R channels

This would, in my thinking allow for a sweet spot in each row of seating especially if I followed the same scenario across the front L, R, and Center Channels.

I know that this can be done using separate amps, but I am in the planning/building process for my theater now and the funds are definitely limited so I can't do it all at once, but definitely will atleast prewire for that possibility later on if I can't use the above scenario.

Thanks in advance for any and all input!
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Bookshelf speakers may not be so easy to drive and likely still have a nominal impedence of 8 ohms. Putting two pairs in parallel drops that down to 4 ohms nominal, with likely dips below that. That could make them a very difficult load.

The sonic advantages of two sets of side surrounds may not be all that either. It's not like the pair that isn't alongside a row of seats disappears for those seats. Some people here worry a lot about comb filtering effects: the adding and cancellation of sound that occurs when it's source is divided into two or more point sources.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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