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Streaming live TV to two TVs with a home created DVR I thought would be easy, but the more I look into it, the more confused I've become.  I've always thought I had a pretty good grasp on tech stuff, especially for a female, until now but the amount of option out there and their interconnectivity is just confusing.


I've decided to ditch cable/satellite and go with OTA HD antenna supplemented by streamed content and some semblance of a DVR.  From everything I have looked at, streaming live TV might be a tought task for my current setup.  This forum might not be able to answer all of my ?s, but the streaming one is probably the toughest nut to crack.


Capabilities needed:

-Stream live, recorded, and existing media content (TV/movies, music) from Desktop to 2 TVs (one HD, one SD). In my streaming device I don't need access to hulu, netflix, etc because my 360 already provides that.  unfortunately I can't use WMC as I am running XP.  For my current library I use Playon MyMedia (only plays stuff I already have) routed through the 360, but I can't access it from my other TV (Eq list at the bottom).  I recently downloaded XBMC but have not looked at it at all.


Here is the current equipment list:

1 HDTV in living room connected via HDMI to an XBOX 360. The 360 is hardwired to a client bridge Linksys 54G running ddwrt that is connected wirelessly to the desktop computer in another room.

The Desktop computer is running XP PRO SP3 (no media center) and is hardwired into a Gigabit B/G/N router. Video card is a Radeon HD 4800 (PCI-E). Mobo is Gigabyte ED45-UD3P. Has two PCI-E slots. Computer is also used for office tasks, picture editing, and minor gaming.


-Internet service of 30 Mbps.

-Two external HDs already loaded with media content. Have another 1TB external that is currently empty.

-kindle and 1 smartphone


Here are the rest of the capabilities needed

-Able to view in HD ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS and have access to TNT/TBS/ION channels

-HD recording capability of two shows simultaneously with ability to play back on both TVs (understand HD limitation with the SD TV)

-Remote control for both TVs or ability to control via smartphone/device

-Relatively intuitive so my roommate can figure it out without complaining.




-Cannot add another "brick sized" device to HDTV area or create wired HTPC-HDTV connection

-Not a fanapple, so would rather not go with apple TV if possible.

Budget = Minimal

Open to ALL options, except sticking with cable/satellite


I've looked at Roku, Pi, nextPVR, XBMC, simple.tv, and some internal/external tuner cards/options but I just can't figure out how which one would work or how they would work together.


Thanks so much for reading and any assistance you can provide. I look forward to your great ideas!

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Would a raspberry pi hooked wirelessly / XBMC / next PVR connection work for this evolution?  however, I know the Pi has a 720P limitation though and the initial wireless setup looks like it could be daunting.


my other thought was a Plex / Roku connection...I think the 360 has a Plex app as well.  Would next PVR work with that?  I don't really need all the "channels" that Roku has


Is there a difference in streaming from the HDHR dual vs a hauppage card?


Is there another option I am missing IRT simple.TV?  I have read good things about it but am not sure if it will provide what I want for my situation.


Thanks again
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