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Is this possible?

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I was looking at a Best Buy ad when I came a cross a Samsung dvd player that was $299.00. I thought to myself (why so expensive), after reading the fine print I was confused. It said that it could take a regular dvd signal and covert it to 1080i signal. This should make the picture look better?

PS.... It also has a DVI output in the back....
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All displays over 480 are doing that (up conversion) already since they need to display the DVD's native 480 signal in higher resolution. The advantage of processing in the DVD player is that the conversion would be performed all in the digital domain.

That part of the process that makes the picture "better" is called interpolation, which is supposed to lessen the "digitized" look of the picture by using more pixels. While some people view the picture as smoother/with more depth, some view it as softer. So whether the picture looks better to you at all is subjective.
This question is for the DVD Player Forum.

Your display device must have a DVI at the back of the unit or you will not be able to utilize that upconverted signal. Most of the people that have taken a look at that unit seem to think there are units out there with better picture quality. such as the Bravo D1 and the Momitsu V-880.

I personally have the Momitsu. You might want to read up on these units here on the forum before you purchase one. While the picture quality is absolutely amazing, they can be quite finicky.

-Good Luck.

Juno in Phoenix. :D
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