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Is this room big enough for a projector?

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I have a bedroom that is 13.5 x 13.5 feet with a 10 foot ceiling. Workable?
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Are you asking if its possible, or if it's a good idea? I think it's doable, but you should use the projector calculator to determine what size screen it will throw at that distance. It's a very handy tool.
We project across the width of our room - wall-to-wall is 14 ft.

To allow room for projector on a shelf with space behind for cables/wires we net a 12 1/2 ft lens-to-screen throw.

We sit along the wall under the projector's shelf so we net an eyeball-to-screen distance of about 12 1/2 feet.

We use an older Panasonic HT projector.

It works GREAT and we achieve a near 120 inch diagonal image which gives us a "WOW, we are at the movies" visual experience.

Go for it!
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We have a room that is about 13 x 10'. We project on the 10' axis, and the screen is 90". I could get a few more inches out of the screen, but I am projecting from a weird place (under the sofa from the side and have to keep the screen slightly smaller than all out).

We project directly on the wall and the picture is great!

I think you may find when you use the screen/distance calculator that if you are sitting around the same distance (or less) from the screen than the projector you will have a large viewing area. 90" at 9 feet is huge even if the screen isn't as big as a 120" screen. The first couple of weeks my eyes were sore because they are not used to such a large screen.

Also a 90" screen is the same area as 4 x 45" screens...and is much brighter than the same projector at 120".

It is definitely worth it to have a projector even in a small room. The only problem I've found is that I can't have more than 3 people watching a movie or else we run out of room. If that is not a problem, go for it!
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