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Is this room big enough?

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I'm going to be moving soon, and one of my primary concerns is of course where to set up my Panasonic PT-AE700U projector. I've been looking mostly at basements I could finish into a HT room, or houses with dark enough / large enough family rooms. Unfortunatly MLS listings don't often indicate "projector friendly" :)

I've found a house with a closed off room with an easy to block window. Its intended as a 4th bedroom in the basement, but I've been thinking I could use it as a HT room. Its only 10' by 8', and I'm trying to decide how my viewing / listening experience will be in a room that size.

In my current apartment, the distance between the wall the projector is on, and the screen is 12'. I get a 92" screen with good viewing quality. The couch is below the projector on that rear wall. I had thought that my current setup would be too close, but I was very happy with the layout and I have no SDE.

Based on my calculations, if I throw 10', I'll get about 50-80", depending on how much I zoom. I'm wondering how it'll look when sitting 10' away. I also won't be able to get much for seating - enough for me and my wife (we have no kids currently), but not much for guests.

Any insight into what you guys have lived with, regrets & concerns, or encouragment and reassurance are appreciated. Thanks!
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Should not be a problem - and if you needed an extra few inches - maybe you could cut into the wall a bit

I see the charts go down to 10.3 ft - however it should still work

slight bit of (not noticeable by most) bowing might occur, up to 92" should not be a problem, straight shot to screen center - e.g from 4.5 ft height shelf mount projector - and peformance s/b excellent with seating (eyes to screen center) from approx 7 to 8 ft (6.5 ft works ok too) with seating at a slight side angle to minimize any potential blocking the projector beam

No doubt will work well with HD and s/b very good even with DVD

As you well aware the AE700/900 series are way ahead of other projectors for in-close viewing distance options
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I have a 106" screen that I sit 13.5' from and I'd like it a bit bigger (115" or so).

I have a 76" screen that I sit 9.5' from and I'd like it quite a bit bigger (90" or so).

I sit about 1/3 of the way back in a commercial movie theater, the one time or so per year that I go to one, that is.

Best thing to do is project it on the wall and see how big you like it. Then purchase/build a screen that size.
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