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Originally Posted by KBMAN /forum/post/20982886

why 4:3???...do some more research and you will find what you need/want. Also, what projector do you have? Lots of things to consider, ie room conditions, screen size, throw, and light control. If it seems to be too good of a deal, it ISN'T....

The room is going to be 11' wide, so 100" is the highest I can go. Unless I get one where the speakers can sit behind the screen, but i don't know anything about those yet either or if they are worth it. So I got more reading to do.

Also, I don't have a projector but plan on one that does 16:9 or can do 4:3 as well. I did some reading last night and it seems like that is possible.

The room has one window, so with shades it's still going to let a little bit of light in. So this one isn't worth the money? It's still in the box, but I can see it seems shady.
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