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Is this setup adequate or should I get a new receiver?

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I'm moving into a new apartment in a week and have just

purchased a new Samsung HDTV, a PS3, and will be purchasing

DirecTV with HD programming.

I don't know if either of my current receivers are good enough or able enough to work with the new setup. The Panasonic only has 1 input (that I know of), the Pioneer has more but it's older...does it need more HD stuff? I know nothing about HD!

So I want this setup:

DIRECTV HD BOX + (sound system) + PS3 + HDTV

My question is will either of my old sound systems be adequate

for my new setup or, if not, what should I be purchasing to make

it so it is?

Right now my setup for standard (non-HD) TV is:

DIRECTV SAT BOX (-> out to) PANASONIC HTIB (-> out to) Standard 4:3 TV

I have another sound system not hooked up to the TV that I use/d

to play my Ipod through to play along to songs on my drums:

PIONEER Receiver hooked up with Jensen Speakers.

Both of these units are a few years old so I don't think they

have HD compatible anything on them.

So do I need new equipment and if so what?


My equipment/future equipment:

PANASONIC DVD/VHS Home Theater System (HTIB) (SC-HT830V)






Near-future (being delivered now) equipment:


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One input? Uhhhhh... Probably not.

Plan on buy'n an AVR, Sub, and speakers.
Okay if the Panasonic with one input won't work, how about the PIONEER A/V MULTI CHANNEL RECEIVER model - (VSX-D411) I use currently for drums? I'm not going to be able to drum anyhow where I'm moving so would that be adequate for my new setup? I have Jensen speakers for that (not the best, but not bad for the money I paid) and a sub already.
Any AVR that offers multiple legacy digital audio inputs (Optical / Digital Coax) and offers Dolby digital and DTS decoding should work well.

The manufacturers have went to great lengths to make sure Bluray players ect..ect.. still work with legacy digital audio inputs.

Not sure exactly what you are wanting to achieve. But if't it's at least 5.1 it should be fine.
Great, thanks for your response!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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